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Prostate Gland Problems

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized male reproductive organ situated at the bottom of the urinary bladder. Through it runs the urethra- a small tube that passes urine and semen out of the penis. The prostate gland produces an alkaline fluid that helps nourish the sperm. The fluid leaves the urethra out of the penis as an ejaculate (semen).

There are two main growth spurts of the prostate- one at the time of puberty (when it weighs about 20 grams) and the other in adulthood (when a man is in his thirties).

Unfortunately, around 25% of men who reach their mid-age or are aged above 55 years have a prostate condition. The percentage increases to 50% for men who are aged around 70 years or older. Prostate conditions not only affect people assigned male at birth but even transgender women and inters-e-x people who have a prostate. If you are suffering from any type of prostate diseases or condition, visit the best prostate treatment doctor in Hyderabad at Sree Nandaka Advanced Surgery Hospital.

The Most Common Prostate Conditions

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia/BPH (Enlarged prostate)- It is a condition wherein the prostate gland grows to an unhealthy size. It causes the urethra to narrow and puts more pressure on the bladder base which can result in blockage in the urine flow.  At Sree Nandaka Advanced Surgery Hospital, top prostate treatment doctors in Hyderabad provide best treatment for this condition and prevent them with several health consequences caused by this conditions and ensure a healthy living
  • Prostatitis (prostate infection or inflammation)- This condition is of two kinds: acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostate or inflamed prostate, also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. To get more details on prostatitis treatment in Hyderabad, schedule a consultation with the urology experts at Sree Nandaka Advanced Surgery Hospital

Causes of Prostate Conditions

The cause of prostate condition may be an infection, inflammation, or an enlargement.

The definite cause of Benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlargement of the prostate include changes in the male s-e-x hormone levels in older men, inflammation, aging, and fibrosis. Fibrosis refers to the extra tissue formation around the prostate and their thickening and stiffening. Aged men are at higher risk of having an enlarged prostate.

The cause of prostatitis depends upon whether one is having an infection or inflammation of the prostate. Mostly, the cause of prostatitis is not known to the doctor. Usually, acute prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection. The potential causes of chronic prostatitis or prostate inflammation include chemicals in the urine, issues with the pelvic floor muscles, prolonged anxiety issues, s-e-xual abuse, nerve damage in the pelvic region, and the response of the body to previous urinary tract infections. Prostatitis is mostly seen in young men aged between 30 and 50 years.

For more details one can consult the experts at Sree Nandaka Advanced Surgery Hospital, Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad, India.

Symptoms of Prostate Conditions

People affected by prostate conditions usually suffer from urinary problems and issues with bladder control. Therefore, they may rush to the washroom frequently to urinate, may leak or dribble urine, may pass out very little urine, or may have a weak urine stream. Depending upon whether the prostate is inflamed, infected, or enlarged, there are other symptoms.

The symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia include:

  • Frequent waking up at night to urinate
  • Passing out of urine of unusual smell or colour
  • Pain while urinating or after ejaculation
  • The symptoms of bacterial prostatitis may show up slowly or quickly and last for a long term. The patient is unable to empty his bladder entirely and also experiences fever, chills, or body aches.

In the case of chronic, non-bacterial prostatitis, the patient reports prolonged discomfort and pain in his penis or scrotum, the area between the anus and scrotum, abdomen, or lower back.

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Treatment for Prostate Conditions

The treatment of the prostate condition depends upon an underlying problem- an infection, inflammation, or an enlargement of the prostate.

For bacterial prostatitis, the best urologist in Hyderabad provides the patient with prescription antibiotics to kill the bacteria causing infection of the prostate. Antibiotic treatment can help clear the acute prostate infection. The antibiotics work best when taken with plenty of fluids and a healthy diet.

In the case of chronic prostatitis, the doctor recommends treatments that help reduce the prolonged pain, discomfort, and inflammation of the prostate. The doctor may prescribe medications called alpha-blockers to relax the prostate and bladder muscles. Other suggested treatments include warm baths, physical therapy, and relaxation exercises.

To treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, the doctor does watchful waiting, advises some lifestyle changes, prescribes medicines, or recommends surgery. Watchful waiting is done when the symptoms of BPH are not bothersome and the patient chooses to live with them. The doctor recommends regular check-ups of the prostate to ensure that its condition is not worsening. As soon as the patient decides to get treated, he can choose the treatment option.

For mild cases of BPH, the doctor recommends the patient drink less fluids before bedtime or go outside; avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks; avoid intake of medicines that affect the bladder such as cold and allergy medicines; and change the timing of taking some medications like diuretics or those that treat hypertension.

The best doctor for prostate surgery in Hyderabad may prescribe certain medications that stop the prostate enlargement or shrink the prostate in some men or provide alpha-blockers to relax the prostate and bladder muscles. For severe cases of BPH, the doctor recommends the patient for surgery to shrink the prostate or to remove the prostate. These surgeries are usually transurethral, which means performed through the urethra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prevent prostate conditions?

Prostate conditions are unpreventable. However, certain steps can be taken to keep the prostate healthy. Having a diet low in saturated fats and high in fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of having an enlarged prostate. Experts even recommend maintaining personal hygiene which includes keeping the penis clean to prevent prostate infection. Smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of prostate conditions, so men must avoid smoking and keep their body active for a healthy prostate.

How are prostate conditions diagnosed?

The doctors for prostate treatment in Hyderabad first ask the patient about his symptoms and how they are affecting his life. For diagnosis of the prostate condition, the doctor may:

  • take a urine sample to check for prostate infection or blood in the urine
  • rectally examine the prostate to check on prostate size
  • perform a prostate-specific antigen blood test
  • do a urodynamic test to check on how well the bladder and urethra hold and release urine
  • order for a pelvic ultrasound or MRI scan
  • take a biopsy to check for or rule out prostate cancer.

What are the side effects of treating prostate conditions?

The side effects of treating prostate conditions may include:

  • Sick feeling or uneasiness on taking medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia and prostatitis
  • Temporary effect on ability to have s-e-x after undergoing surgical treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Bladder control issues after treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia.

If experiencing any problem following treatment of prostate condition, consult a doctor at urology hospital in Hyderabad to get medical assistance. In case, the prostate gland is removed, problems with bladder control and problems in having s-e-x last longer. By bringing such problems to the doctor’s notice, the best treatments can be received.

What if I do not get my prostate condition treated?

If your prostate condition is left untreated, it may cause other problems such as difficulty in having s-e-x, bladder stones, a urinary tract infection, stressed feelings due to chronic pain and discomfort, inflammation in the areas near the prostate, and kidney failure. Therefore, it’s advised to see the doctor soon after noticing any symptoms of prostate problems.

If you are looking for prostate gland treatment in Hyderabad for cancer or other related diseases, do visit Sree Nandaka Advanced Surgery Hospital and get the best treatment and successful results.

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