About Us

At Sree Nandaka Fertility and Laparoscopic Centre, we consider healthy births to be the most important gauge of fertility centre’s true success. Sree Nandaka Fertility and Laparoscopic Centre was established by Dr. Deepa Koduru, who has ten years experience in the field of fertility and Dr. Praveen Koduru, who has a vast experience in the field of laparoscopic and hernia surgery. He has done more than 20000 laparoscopic surgeries. Both are expertise in their respective fields.
Every one’s journey to parent hood is unique. No one understands this better than Sree Nandaka Fertility Hospital. Our doctors know what infertility can feel and gives a very compassionate treatment. We emphasize a customised model of patient care tailoring our treatment to your own unique circumstances and challenges.
From our very first meet your goal becomes our goal. Our doctors team stand with you, guide you and be there whenever you need advise or questions.
Our Hospital offers a full spectrum of clinical experts and specialized staff who together will provide you with the best chance for a successful pregnancy.

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