Embryo Freezing

Sree Nandaka Hospital is proud to offer the most comprehensive Embryo Freezing technology in Hyderabad. With our team of experienced doctors and latest cyro preservation techniques, Sree Nandaka is the preferred destination for embryo freezing.
Embryo Freezing is a procedure wherein surplus good quality embryos are frozen for future use. It is a part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process of fertilizing the egg outside the womb. On an average of 15-20% of couples will be in a position to freeze the surplus embryos.

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Why Freeze Embryos?

Under cyro preservation, only high-quality embryos are frozen. These can be frozen for up to 10 years. By freezing excess embryos, couples are able to conceive a child in the future using frozen embryos. Embryo freezing is also an option for women who for the purpose of education, career or other reasons, desire to post pone child bearing.

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