Today, Egg Cryo (egg-freezing program), which is applied in a limited number of well-known centers’ of the world, is also performed in our clinic.

In our egg-freezing and thawing programs, we achieve similar pregnancy rates to the use of fresh eggs.

Today, due to career planning, many women do child planning for later ages. Female age is a very important factor for getting pregnant in both natural ways and with IVF Treatment. The older the female is, the lesser the chance of getting pregnant.

With a successful Egg Cryo program, the eggs collected following the stimulation of the ovaries for a short period, can be preserved for a long period of time and when the female intends to get pregnant, they can be thawed and used. Whatever the age of the female is, age of the eggs will remain exactly the same as in the period they were frozen.

Who can benefit from the Egg Cryo program?

  • Women intending to have a child in later ages can benefit from Egg Cryo.
  • The patients who will be exposed to treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or patients who need to have their ovaries removed can consider the egg-freezing program before these procedures in order to allow for pregnancy after these treatments.
  • In the case of patients who are under the risk of having hyper-stimulation during IVF treatment. (With this method, several months of freezing the eggs can be done, and IVF can be performed afterwards).
  • When the male partner is not available to donate sperm at the time of oocyte pick-up from the female (eg.due to work or any other urgent engagement).

In summary, either due to medical or private reasons, women have the possibility to preserve their eggs thanks to the successful Egg Cryo programs.

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