About Sperm Cryo

Sperm Cryo is a program that has been applied successfully from the beginning of IVF applications.

There is no difference between the pregnancy rates obtained in our centre following the Sperm Cryo( sperm freezing ) – thawing process and pregnancy rates obtained with the use of fresh sperm.

Who can benefit from the Sperm-Cryo program?

Just like our egg cryo program, sperm cryo can be beneficial in the following cases:

  • Before the surgical / chemotherapy / radiotherapy treatments due to tumors affecting the male genital organ.
  • Before radiotherapy / chemotherapy that may affect the sperm production due to tumors in other parts of the body.
  • In the presence of serious sperm disorder, as a precaution against the risk of having no sperm later in life.
  • In cases where the male is not able to be at the clinic on the day of egg collection (for instance, due to urgent medical reason or work related engagements)


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